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Natural Deodorants - A Healthier Choice
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Natural Deodorants - A Healthier Choice

Everyone knows that body odour comes from sweating, right? Well, yes, at least... partly right.

Body odour is actually a by-product of the sweat coming into contact with the bacteria on your skin. To eliminate body odour we need to remove either the sweat or the bacteria from the equation. Sweating is a normal and healthy function though and to block the bodyís ability to perspire removes an important process that enables us to cool down when required. The majority of deodorants and antiperspirants available on the high street do just this and the result is that the more antiperspirant, or sticky oil/gel deodorant that is applied to the skin, the hotter the body gets, which in turn means that the lymph glands try to generate more sweat!

Clearly itís not healthy to stop your body from perspiring, as not only does sweating regulate your body's temperature, but it also gets rid of some of the toxins that your body comes in contact with on a daily basis. Taking the bacteria out of this equation is definitely the healthier choice.

In addition to hindering the bodyís normal cooling process the majority of antiperspirant roll-ons, sprays and wax sticks also contain a number of chemicals. These include such chemicals as Aluminium Chlorohydrate and Aluminium Zirconium as well as, in some cases, parabens. Once these chemicals are absorbed through the skin they enter the bloodstream and circulate around the body, entering major organs such as the liver and kidneys as well as the brain.


Some of these chemicals have been linked to various conditions - some serious, including breast cancer. Many women, in particular, have become more concerned about chemicals in deodorants especially given the underarm's proximity to sensitive breast tissue. So, on health grounds, doing away with these deodorants that contain chemical cocktails is certainly a good idea.

So what are the alternatives?

Well, some of the most natural options are crystal deodorants. These work by preventing the build up of odour causing bacteria on the skin. Applying the natural deodorant leaves a layer of natural crystal salts on your skin and these salts provide a hostile environment to bacteria. The salts inhibit the bacteriaís ability to live and multiply. No bacteria equals no body odour and the natural crystal salts have none of the nasty pore clogging side-effects caused by the majority of deodorants and antiperspirants. This means that the bodyís cooling process can work effectively and the elimination of toxins by the normal perspiring process can take place too.

Originally, natural crystal deodorants were available in just one form Ė a stick of crystal, which needs to be moistened before use so that the natural salts are deposited effectively on the skin. However there are now other products that include body sprays.

Alvin Connor Natural Deodorants

These body sprays, like the one from Alvin Connor, are made using a blend of naturally occurring deodorising crystal salts and plant extracts. By simply adding water to the bottle the natural deodorant body spray is created. The bottle can be refilled over and over again until all of the salts have dissolved, making it a very cost-effective and environmentally friendly product too.

Natural Crystal Deodorants are now becoming increasingly popular as a safe, healthy alternative to mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants, so maybe itís time that you tried them out? Our Alvin Connor range of natural deodorant products includes the original body stick, the body spray and a deodorant foot powder that can be used directly in your footwear to help keep your feet odour free too.

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