Achieving Beauty Without Cruelty on a Budget

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Achieving Beauty Without Cruelty on a Budget
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Achieving Beauty Without Cruelty on a Budget

There is now a wider choice than ever when it comes to cruelty-free skin care products thanks to a number of new brands that have emerged in the last couple of years. These new offerings include some beautiful and innovative vegan-friendly beauty products.

One of the latest is the Organic Bloom skin care range from Skin Blossom which currently includes a hand cream, face moisturiser, body wash, body lotion and cleansing body milk.

Skin Blossom was founded by Cristina Beetham who was concerned about the ingredients contained in the skin care products one finds in most high street stores.

Skin Blossom - Achieving Beauty Without Cruelty on a Budget

Cristina says, "I hated having to use products that were potentially harmful to me and the environment, but I could not afford those that weren't." It was with this in mind that the Skin Blossom products were created. The result is a range of reasonably priced, lovely, vegan skin care products that are within the budget of everyone.

The entire range not only carries the Vegan Society logo, but is also certified by the Soil Association too. The Soil Associationís organic standards are among the strictest in the world and Skin Blossom is one of only a handful of companies that has achieved these standards for skin care products.

Skin Blossom - Achieving Beauty Without Cruelty on a Budget

The Skin Blossom Organic Bloom skin care products have been formulated using the maximum possible level of organic ingredients and each one includes moisturising blends of plant oils whilst remaining free from toxic chemicals, artificial fragrance and colour, hydrogenated oils, petrochemicals, glycols, DEA, MEA, TEA, Sulphates and GM ingredients. In addition, the products come in containers that are fully recyclable.

Thanks to such affordable vegan products itís clear that achieving beauty without cruelty need no longer be expensive or beyond the reach of anyone.

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Achieving Beauty Without Cruelty on a Budget

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